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Cleaning of fuel burner

February 02,2023

In the actual use of the fuel burner,  the flame combustion is not good and the coking of the furnace tube will affect the heating ability of the fuel burner, so we should pay attention to the control of the burner to make it completely burned, and to prevent the local furnace tube temperature is too high and coking.

When the fuel burner is working, the following problems need to be paid attention to:

1.Should often check the fan current, to avoid over current burn fuel burner.
2. The space of the fuel burner should be kept clean, and there should be no floating objects, so as not to inhale the fan and block the air supply channel of the fuel burner.
3. The burner and electronic control cabinet shall not be immersed in water, so as not to leak electricity and hurt people.
4. The gas contains tar and other impurities, which may adhere to the inner wall of the gas pipeline and valve during transportation. Operators should remove carbon deposits in pipes and valves in time to avoid accidents caused by lax valve closing.
5. Before the fan sweeps the furnace, it is strictly prohibited to place torches or high temperature objects in the furnace to avoid blasting accidents.

So how to clean the fuel burner?

1. Loosen the hinge shaft of the burner, open the burner head, and wipe the burner parts with detergent or rag.
2. Check and adjust the distance between the burning rods, and wipe the flame detector with a clean soft cloth.
3. It is necessary to carefully clean the air duct and fan impeller.

The following problems need to be paid attention to when cleaning the burner:

1. Personnel unrelated to the debugging operation must leave the work site.
2. No other operations (such as welding, gas cutting, etc.)
3. In order to ensure the personal safety of the debugging personnel, when lighting the burner, the flame should be one meter away from the burner side. When the flame burns stably, the flame can be observed in the viewing mirror, and the next output adjustment can be made.




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