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Causes of unsuccessful ignition of low nitrogen burners

May 09,2023

There are many reasons for the ignition failure of the low-nitrogen burner.

First, check whether the burner is locked, that is, whether the reset button of the burner's programmer is on with a red light. If the light is not on, check whether the power supply of the burner is input, the power supply is normal, the alarm light is on, press the reset button for 1 second and then release it.

The low nitrogen burner has no action, the red light goes out but turns red again soon. This is the fault of the flame detection system of the burner. The burner did not catch fire, but the programmer of the burner received an interference signal that the flame had formed.

There is electric spark but no fuel injection or fuel injection is not foggy, then lock. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the oil circuit switch is fully turned on and there is oil in the fuel tank, whether the oil circuit filter and oil pump filter are clogged, the oil pipe leaks, the oil pump is damaged or worn, the coupling is damaged and slipping, the solenoid valve fails to open, the oil nozzle is blocked, etc.

The fuel injection also fires, but then locks up. This is because the program controller does not sense the flame, which may be caused by damage to the photoelectric eye or dirty viewing surface, open circuit of the signal line of the photoelectric eye, damage to the program controller, or insufficient stability of the flame.

In short, there are many reasons for the failure of the fuel burner to ignite, and the reasons may be complicated. When purchasing, we should not covet the momentary price discount to choose a machine with poor quality. This way the gain outweighs the loss. I hope everyone can carefully choose the product that suits them.


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