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Causes and Solutions of Fuel Burner Faults

May 06,2023

When the power is turned on, the fuel burner does not start and the control box lights up the fault light.

There are several reasons for this situation:

1. It may be a control box malfunction. This situation requires searching for various components of the electronic control box to solve the problem as soon as possible.

2. Perhaps the motor cannot start. Not only may the coil or capacitor of the motor be damaged, but it may also be due to bearing issues, or it may be due to the absorption of foreign objects at the inlet of the combustion engine, causing the fan on the motor to get stuck. This situation requires careful investigation of the problem with the motor and, if necessary, disassembly to find the fault point.

3. Perhaps the bearings of the oil pump are too tight and the motor cannot rotate. This may be due to the oil in the fuel causing the oil pump to rust. If this phenomenon is found, in addition to solving the problem with the oil pump, attention should also be paid to the cleanliness of the fuel. Clean the fuel tank. If the fuel tank is equipped with a drain valve, it releases dirt and moisture from the bottom of the tank.

Please note that if the fault light comes on due to certain faults in the burner during the last operation, other fault causes must be considered. If you are still unable to solve this problem, you can contact Tangshan Jinsha Combustion Heat Energy Co.,Ltd. at any time, and we will arrange professional technical consultants to provide you with detailed solutions.


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