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Brief instructions for use of boiler burners

May 09,2023

According to different fuels, boiler burners are divided into oil burners, gas burners, powder burners and dual fuel burners.

So how to operate the boiler burner?

After the power is turned on, the motor of the burner starts, and an electric spark is generated between the ignition electrodes. After about ten seconds of pre-blowing, the solenoid valve of the oil pump is automatically opened, and the oil mist ejected from the nozzle is ignited by the electric spark to form a flame. At this time, the flame detector feels the brightness of the flame, and the controller enters the locked state. The ignition electrode will delay the ignition for about 15 seconds to stop the ignition, and the burner will enter the normal working state.

If the ignition is unsuccessful, no flame is formed, or the flame detector does not feel the brightness of the flame, then after about 10 seconds of safety time, the safety alarm system will operate, the starting working procedure of the burner will be cut off, and the fault red light will be on.

Therefore, when starting the burner in a bright place, the flame detector must be covered first to prevent it from seeing light. After the burner emits flames, release the flame detector immediately, otherwise the burner will not work normally. The burner can be restarted after the red light of the burner is on for 3 minutes.


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