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Brief Analysis of Low Nitrogen Combustion Technology

May 09,2023

What are the low-nitrogen combustion technologies, let's take a look!

1. Fuel graded air distribution combustion technology
Fuel graded air distribution combustion technology refers to sending gas and air into the furnace from different areas, so that the fuel is mixed with air in stages and areas. Make full use of the limited space of the combustion chamber, disperse the fuel, reduce the concentration of the combustion flame, and achieve the purpose of reducing the flame temperature.

2. Thick and thin combustion technology
The principle of dense-lean combustion technology is to combine gas and air with oxygen-deficient and oxygen-rich combustion methods. In one area, the gas is excessive and the air ratio is insufficient to achieve oxygen-poor combustion and suppress the rapid generation of nitrogen oxides; while in another area , Excessive air and low proportion of gas can realize oxygen-enriched combustion and reduce the production of thermal nitrogen oxides; in terms of the total amount of air-fuel ratio combustion, sufficient air-fuel ratio can be realized.

3. Premixed combustion technology
The principle of premixed combustion technology is to realize the rapid combustion of gas and air through the sufficient mixing of gas and air. The temperature field and velocity field in the combustion area are very uniform, and the combustion temperature is far lower than the formation temperature of nitrogen oxides to achieve ultra-low nitrogen emissions. .

4. FGR flue gas recirculation technology
The flue gas recirculation technology is to draw part of the flue gas after combustion back to the fan, mix it with fresh air, and then enter the combustion chamber to participate in combustion. The temperature of the recirculated flue gas is much lower than the flame temperature in the combustion chamber, which can significantly reduce the temperature in the combustion chamber and reduce the volumetric heat intensity of the combustion chamber. At the same time, because the oxygen content of the introduced flue gas is extremely low, the unit oxygen concentration can be effectively reduced in the combustion chamber, and the formation of NOx can be effectively suppressed.

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