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Boiler asphalt mixing plant heavy oil burner

May 06,2023

A heavy oil burner is a machine that burns heavy oil and can be used in boilers, dryers, and asphalt mixing stations.

Its working principle is that heavy oil enters the burner in two ways, namely swirling oil and axial flow oil, similar to the internal and external air of the burner. The swirling oil is distributed in a circular shape on the outside, while the axial flow oil is a columnar direct jet flow in the middle. When it reaches the head of the spray gun, it converges into one way and enters the kiln through the nozzle hole of the atomizing sheet, which is divided into various specifications according to the size of the nozzle hole.

Heavy oil burners are generally common on boilers, consisting of oil nozzles and air conditioners. The oil nozzle is placed on the axis of the air regulator, atomizing the oil into fine droplets, which are sprayed into the combustion chamber at a certain diffusion angle (also known as atomization angle), mixed with the air supplied by the air regulator, and then ignited and burned. Tangshan Jinsha Combustion Heat Energy Co.,Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of non-standard customized heavy oil burners, can provide customers with comprehensive technical guidance and worry free after-sales service.


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