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Tangshan Jinsha combustion introduces oil-gas dual-purpose burner

Time : 2023-08-31 4

The oil-gas dual-purpose burner developed by Tangshan Jinsha Combustion is mainly used in the mixed combustion of natural gas and all oil products (such as diesel oil, residual oil, heavy oil, light oil, and crude oil). This oil-air dual-purpose burner can meet the following combustion conditions:

1. When the natural gas supply is insufficient, the burner needs some oil as a supplement.
2. Mixed combustion of natural gas and different oils.
3. According to the change of fuel purchase cost, the burner performs energy-saving combustion intermittently.

The oil-gas burners produced by Tangshan Jinsha Combustion can realize the supplementary adjustment of fuel oil and gas in any proportion. By configuring the digital control system, this oil&gas dual-purpose burner is more accurate and reliable than mechanical control. It reduces the combustion cost and improves the economic benefits for customers.

If you want to buy a cheap and easy-to-use oil/gas dual-purpose burner, you can choose Tangshan Jinsha Combustion.

As a professional manufacturer of non-standard burners, we will provide you with the most professional technical support.

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