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How to classify bakers (bakers)?

Time : 2023-09-12 5

According to the needs of users, Tangshan Jinsha Burning specializes in designing and manufacturing various types of bakers (bread bakers).

Roasters (bread bakers) are classified into the following categories:

1. According to the structural form, there are mainly: vertical type and horizontal type;
2. According to the type of gas: natural gas, blast furnace gas, converter gas, coke oven gas, mixed gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel oil, heavy oil, etc.;
3. Classified according to the heat transfer form: preheating, double preheating, heat storage, etc.;
4. According to the combustion method: no blast, blast, oxygen-enriched, pure oxygen.
5. According to the type of baking ladle: steel ladle, iron ladle, tundish, etc.;
6. Classification according to the control mode: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.
No matter what type of roaster (bread maker) you need, you can contact us. Tangshan Jinsha Burning will serve every customer with the most professional technology.


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