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Development prospect of desulfurization and denitrification industry in 2023 ------Steel industry

Time : 2023-03-08 31

Source: China Environmental Protection Industry Association

The iron and steel desulfurization and denitration industry is expected to improve.

According to the statistics of the Desulfurization and Denitration Professional Committee of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, the steel industry has completed nearly 400 million tons of capacity of the ultra-low emission main body transformation project, with a cumulative investment of more than 150 billion yuan.

It is estimated that there will be about 400 million tons of steel production capacity to be transformed before 2025, and the market space will not be less than 150 billion yuan based on the average investment of 360 yuan per ton of steel.

The profitability of the steel industry is declining, which may affect the ultra-low emission construction projects of enterprises.

Under the background of "double carbon", the green and low-carbon development of the steel industry has changed from the end of flue gas treatment to the source emission reduction and process control.

In terms of source reduction, further improve the project filing and replacement threshold, promote the reduction of crude steel output, control the export of steel products, and research and break through the source control technology of pollutants;

In terms of process control, further improve energy efficiency, promote electric furnace short-process steelmaking, and break through technologies such as hydrogen-rich carbon cycle blast furnace smelting, hydrogen-based shaft furnace direct reduction iron, carbon capture, utilization and storage;

In terms of terminal treatment, we should continue to promote ultra-low emission transformation and develop and break through multi-pollutant collaborative treatment technology.

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